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CASA of Allen and Putnam Counties, Ohio, offers a volunteer opportunity like no other. A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a trained community volunteer appointed by a judge to speak up for the best interests of an abused or neglected child. The ultimate goal of a CASA volunteer is to help make sure the child has a safe, permanent home. CASA volunteers make a lifelong difference in children's lives.

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​The Child Advocacy Center provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, community response to individuals and families affected by abuse and neglect. The Child Advocacy Center is a result of the shared vision of Allen County agencies and partners committed to providing the best possible care to victims of sexual abuse and non-offending family.


Crime Victim Services provides free assistance and court advocacy in juvenile, misdemeanor, and felony cases. Professional advocates walk alongside survivors throughout their healing process and help them with the justice process.

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Crime Victim Services' Relationship Violence program provides Emergency Shelter, a 24-Hour Crisis Line, Transitional Housing, Protection Orders, and Court Advocacy to those affected by domestic violence, stalking and dating violence.

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Elder Victim Ministry of Allen County is the first program in the U.S. with paid and volunteer staff in a victim assistance agency providing elder victims with Christian support. This program assists victims regardless of their faith background or whether their case is prosecuted. Volunteers provide emotional, spiritual, practical, and financial help. 

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Crime Victim Services' Volunteer Guardian Program provides qualified, trained, and committed court-appointed Volunteer Guardians for adult victims deemed unable to make important life decisions while ensuring their safety, dignity, and quality of life. 

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Day One of Crime Victim Services’

Anti-Trafficking program was started in 2014 and works directly with survivors of human trafficking to connect them with resources in the community and help them heal through the trauma of their victimization.
Through intensive case management and trauma counseling, survivors receive holistic, trauma-informed care services.

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The Day One department provides comprehensive services to survivors of sexual violence in Allen, Putnam, Hardin and Van Wert counties. Our comprehensive services include: counseling, a 24/7 crisis line, hospital advocacy, legal advocacy, community outreach, crisis intervention, systems collaboration, and information and referrals.

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Crime Victim Services facilitates free victim offender mediation, utilizing a restorative justice framework, where both victims and offenders can share their experiences, seek answers, and work toward healing. 

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The Special Victims Unit aspires to meet the distinctive needs of underserved victims. Each victim has specific needs and desires to recover from a crime, and our goal is to advocate for each victim’s distinctive needs to ensure that victim has an equal opportunity to recover from a crime. The Special Victim Unit advocates for every victim to feel served and have an equal opportunity to victim services. 

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The Prevention program seeks to cultivate a community free from violence and oppression. Our primary focus is providing culturally appropriate educational curriculum to youth and adults in our community with the express purpose of preventing relationship violence and cultivating a culture where consent and respect for one another is a central tenet.


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Find helpful resources and references to assist you, including a glossary of legal terms, tips for dealing with the media, and a description of the court process.

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