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Our network of committed volunteers makes it possible for Crime Victim Services to serve thousands of people in West Central Ohio each year. If you're interested in joining our work as a volunteer, complete the volunteer application form.

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I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find how much credence judges place on our recommendations.  But when I think about why they depend on us, I realize that judges don’t have the time to visit the children’s homes, or to see the interactions of the children with their caregivers, or the conditions of their surroundings.  They don’t have the time to visit their teachers, their counselors, their doctors, their baby sitters, their grandparents, their relatives or friends who may be relevant to their lives.  In many cases the children are even too young to speak.  So who carries out these necessary tasks and who speaks for the children?  We volunteers do.


— Richard Gibson, CASA Volunteer, Putnam County

“From the first day I heard about CASA, I knew it was for me. My initial motivation for becoming a CASA volunteer was to help children who have been removed from their homes because of legitimate concerns such as neglect, abuse or dependency.  I am committed to remain a CASA because I get far more out of being a CASA than I could ever give. I can recommend support networks such as prevention programs, educational programs and mental and behavioral health services that help the care givers to be better and more effective in caring for their children. Not all cases have to end with the permanent removal of the child. I get the opportunity to BE the difference in a child's life.”


— Barbara Walton, CASA Volunteer, Allen County