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Trauma informed care for survivors.

24-Hour Crisis Lines

For relationship violence victims, Crime Victim Services provides 24-hour crisis response. 


Crime Victim Services provides support services to survivors of domestic violence, stalking and dating violence in Putnam County. These services are also available to survivors in Allen County through Crossroads Crisis Center.  Our services are free, confidential and open to anyone, even if you don't engage with police or the criminal justice system. Our trauma informed advocates are available and ready to help. Some of our services include:

Emergency Shelter

Crime Victim Services assists with emergency housing in area shelters for domestic violence victims and their children. While in shelter, victims will be provided a supportive environment where they are kept safe, can gather their thoughts, and consider their options.

Transitional Housing

The goal of Crime Victim Services' Transitional Housing program is to provide victims of domestic violence and their children with safe, affordable, and temporary housing, as well as empower survivors to take control of their lives by providing a wide range of services, such as safety planning, shelter, advocacy, education, and support, so that survivors may become self-sufficient and live a life free from violence.

Protection Orders

Crime Victim Services assists domestic violence victims in obtaining Temporary Protection Orders (TPO) when criminal domestic violence charges are filed. We can also assist victims in obtaining Civil Protection Orders (CPO), regardless of whether domestic violence charges are filed.

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Crime Victim Services informs victims and witnesses about their opportunities to participate in the court process and assists victims in providing oral or written impact statements. These statements may include information about victim options, special circumstances, and the physical, emotional and financial effects of the crime.

We also notify victims and witnesses of critical hearings, date changes, case outcomes (including decisions to drop the case, divert it, or transfer it to a different court), and the sentence (often including a certified journal entry).


Crime Victim Services answers questions about the process of testifying and attempts to resolve other problems that might discourage court appearances such as transportation, employer or school intervention, or victim intimidation.

Join our work to support victims of domestic violence as we help them prevail over the trauma of their victimization. Your gift helps provide safety, healing, justice, and restitution. 


All contact is anonymous. 

Fill out the webform to be connected with an advocate or call one of our offices. 

For immediate support, call the 24/7 crisis line at 877.867.7273. 

In an emergency, dial 911.

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