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Licensed crisis counselors and professional victim advocates are standing by 24/7. Call toll-free: 

Walking alongside survivors
throughout their healing journey.

The Day One department provides comprehensive advocacy and recovery services to survivors of sexual violence in Allen, Putnam, Hardin and Van Wert Counties. CVS partners with Crossroads Crisis Center to carry out services in Hardin County and partners with the Van Wert YWCA and Van Wert County Victim Services to carry out services in Van Wert County. We also partner with our local colleges and universities to work with survivors of campus sexual assault.

Our dedicated, professional advocates walk alongside survivors throughout their healing journey, providing comprehensive services including: a 24/7 Crisis Line, Hospital Advocacy, Legal Advocacy, Community Outreach, Crisis Intervention, Referrals, Counseling, and Community Collaboration. Our aim is to cultivate a community free from violence and oppression.

Sexual Violence & Rape Crisis Services

Crisis Intervention 
and Advocacy

  • Licensed crisis counselors and professional victim advocates are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call toll free 1-87-STOP-RAPE

  • Trained victim advocates respond to the hospital 24 hours a day to support and advocate for victims of sexual assault.

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) collect forensic evidence at all local hospitals

  • Providing Victim Advocacy for sexual assault victims ages 13 and older

Recovery Services

Regardless of whether a case is prosecuted, Day One provides:

  • Support groups for survivors

  • Emergency money for housing, food, new door locks, etc

  • Teddy bears for children when advocates meet them or when they have to testify

  • Education, literature, and videos to help family members be supportive

  • Assistance in completing Victims Compensation forms

  • Spiritual ministry and volunteer peer counseling

  • Opportunities to share your story of survival to groups such as schools and justice professionals as part of healing process

  • Long-term emotional support and crisis intervention

  • Information and referrals for follow-up disease testing, counseling, legal issues, etc.

Community Outreach
and Collaboration

  • Coordination with Victim Assistance and Children Services through all justice phases

  • Create and maintain county wide protocol and ongoing communication among task force members for victim support and seamless prosecution.

  • Training for protocol members on evidence collection, victim rights, SANE, legal issues, prevention tips, male rape, drugs and sexual assault, college campus issues and laws, "promising practices" from around the nation, reducing "revictimization" of repeat victims, different reactions of victims between stranger vs. acquaintance rape, etc.

  • Community sensitivity and education for health professionals, justice officials, high schools, college / university student and staff leadership, public service announcements and posters, civic and public organizations, church groups, media reporting sensitivity, etc.

Campus Advocacy

Day One advocates provide advocacy and support services to college campuses in Allen and Hardin Counties.
The role of the advocate includes:

  • Knowing the school’s policies and conduct processes and assisting students in that process

    • Advocating for students under those policies

  • Providing options to survivors especially regarding reporting to law enforcement and/or campus

  • Assessing safety and medical needs conducting safety planning

  • Accompaniment during sexual assault exam

  • Serving as an “adviser of choice” throughout investigative and conduct processes

  • Crisis counseling

  • Helping survivors develop coping skills and and understanding of the effects of trauma

  • Connecting survivors with resources

  • Maintaining relationships with Title IX coordinators and school administration

Campus Sexual Misconduct Policies & Advocacy Resources

Join us in preventing sexual violence.

Join us in cultivating a community free from violence and oppression.
For more information, or to seek services, please contact:

Alison Webb
24/7 Crisis Line: 877-867-7273

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Your financial gift helps Crime Victim Services cultivate a community free from violence and oppression as well as support survivors throughout their healing journey. 

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