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Crime Victim Services exists to help our community thrive. We do this by supporting victims of violence and crime in Allen and Putnam counties so they can prevail over the trauma of their experience. Our goal is to renew their dignity and offer support through safety, healing, justice, and restitution. 


For more than 40 years Crime Victim Services has led the way in these efforts. Today, we offer 10 distinct programs that serve thousands of people each year.

We not only encourage victims on their individual journeys, we also work at prevention and outreach. We work diligently alongside justice officials and community leaders to prevent crime, assist law enforcement in preserving domestic tranquility, and provide all victims with equitable access to restorative and justice services. 

Our Goals

We embrace a restorative justice philosophy where everyone matters as we seek to:

  • challenge systems of oppression

  • cultivate a culture of prevention

  • walk alongside survivors throughout their healing journey

  • reach out to every victim to provide appropriate services.

Programs & Initiatives

We offer 9 distinct programs that serve thousands of people each year.



To better understand how we measure success in victim services, please view our Annual Report.


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Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated and make an immediate impact on helping local victims find safety, healing, justice, and restitution. 


Click the button below to view information about employment opportunities at Crime Victim Services.

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