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Pillars of Justice


Helping victims
navigate the justice process

Serving Allen & Putnam counties

Court Advocacy started at Crime Victim Services in 1981 when local church volunteers recognized that victims of crime did not know how the justice system worked and did not get answers to their questions about the crime. Helping victims find their way through the process and providing an opportunity for victims to meet and ask questions (called Victim Offender Dialogue), is how our program began.

Now, we have Licensed Social Workers and other professionals who are expert victim advocates who specialize in felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile cases in both Allen and Putnam counties, Ohio, as well as specialized Victim Advocates for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

Today, victims have legal rights found in Ohio Revised Code Section 2930, which victim advocates are familiar with and can provide assistance in obtaining. We work closely with law enforcement, have access to prosecutors' files, and receive hearing notices from the Courts — all while working with the victim and not anyone in the justice system. 


For example, we can notify victims of hearings and attend with them or for them if they do not want to go, help file Victim Impact Statements for the prosecutor and judge in their case, help file for Protection Orders and Victim Compensation reimbursement for injury and counseling costs, and provide crisis counseling  to help recover from the trauma of victimization.

All services are free and we are here to help.

Victim advocates believe and support victims of all types of crime.

We assist with your legal rights:

  • notification of hearings

  • attend hearings for you

  • object to delays

  • request confidentiality

  • prompt property return

  • support person with you in court

  • separate waiting area from defendants

  • employment protection for court hearings

  • victim impact statement

We assist whether the crime is:

  • reported to police

  • reported but unsolved

  • a property or violent offense

  • a probation or parole violation

  • from years ago and you want support, information or help with a parole hearing.

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Behind the scenes we:

  • testify to congress for victims legislation

  • do public service announcements & community speaking on victim concerns

  • develop protocols with media, police, and prosecutors to protect victims and evidence

  • cooperate with offender rehabilitation programs to encourage accountability, healing, and reduce future crime

  • work to protect your rights to participation, restitution and safety in an amendment to the United States Constitution.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out and submit volunteer application form.

Join our work to believe and support victims of all kinds of crimes as they learn to navigate the justice process.

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