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Stories of volunteer experiences

The Guardianship program allows me to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life, but always with the confidence of knowing support is there right behind me if things get tricky. In terms of “bang for my buck” of time invested, it’s awesome, and has introduced me to so many people involved in caring for some of society’s more vulnerable members. It’s great.
- Bob Gordon-Hancock

As an Are You Ok?  call Volunteer, I offer a familiar voice and a listening ear to folks who need support.  It seems like a small thing to call someone and ask “are you ok” but it helps with the victim's healing process and that is the rewarding part for me.  The "thank you" at the end of the call is what makes volunteering so worthwhile. 
– Jeff Fuetter, Putnam County 


I enjoy connecting with people as an Are You OK? Volunteer.  A lot of people are lonely and need someone to talk to who are outside of their family.  I’ve learned more about abuse of elders first hand in this volunteer role.  This is a great program, checking on vulnerable people who need a regular connection and safety tips to stand up to scams. 
– Mildred Stewart, Allen County 


Volunteering is my way of helping others.  I’ve been doing that for thirty some years, here and Red Cross, and Sheriff’s Dept.  It makes a person feel good, and involved in the community, which is very rewarding, without the feeling of being under pressure to be there every minute. 
– Larry Flick, Allen County 


In the course of my work, I find myself providing emotional support for children going through a myriad of uncertainties in their lives. I am able to help them sort out their feelings and try to get them solid answers to their questions. I become the voice for that child who otherwise may not be heard throughout the process. Being able to ensure abused and neglected children have a voice is very rewarding to me and beneficial to the child. Oftentimes, the child may be too young to speak on their own. Having access to all of the case facts, helps me to determine what actions may or may not be in the best interest of that child. I have also found that children represented by a CASA volunteer, are moved less frequently when foster care is necessary.

  If you care about children and are looking for a way to give back and support your community, I can think of no better way to exercise your love and care than by becoming a CASA volunteer. The difference you make in the life of a child is everlasting. Reach out and help a child today!

-Tim White, CASA Volunteer

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