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January 10, 2022

A visit with a close friend of mine revealed something special through our conversation involving our children. We’ve been friends since childhood and thankfully, no matter how much time goes by between visits, we’re able to pick up like no time has passed at all.

We were getting ready to go home. I was gathering my little girl’s things – finding the stuffed animals – when one of those little conversations about life began. My friend shared about how frustrating it is when she has to say something over and over to her children.

I was listening, then shared something. But I didn’t even realize that what I was saying was meaningful to her. I shared that each day I try and hit the “reset button” with my children. I want mercy in my life, so I want to give it to them.

She paused and said that was so good – to hit the “reset button” – that she was going to do this! The sincerity in her voice made me stop packing up and we just talked about that for a moment. Like, our days can just go by so quickly and I’ve found myself wanting to slow down time a little. We can give each other grace. Our children only have one childhood.

As parents and caregivers – we have so much influence on how a child’s day can go.

I am hopeful when working with families as a CASA – we can remind them of this.

When I say, “Ok, let’s hit reset” to my children – individually or together – I have seen that reality come across their little faces. Almost like – ok, breathe – let’s start over. Sometimes we just need to take a walk, be outside for a little bit, or get a snack. Children can just be hungry and that can impact how they act.

Each day holds new mercies. Hit that “reset button” and do not hold something on them from yesterday. As parents or caregivers – we can do that for our children. A fresh day met with new mercy. Isn’t that what we want too?

Written by Melissa Cruz, Advocate Coordinator

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