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Sept, 25, 2023 Volunteer Tim White was presented with the Pro Star Volunteer Award during the 28th Annual Celebrate Kids! Conference, hosted by the Ohio CASA/GAL Association. White has been a volunteer for 5-years at CASA of Allen & Putnam Counties, a program of Crime Victim Services. The Pro Star Volunteer Award honors those individuals who provide exemplary service to children and serve as effective CASA ambassadors in their communities for two years or more.

Since joining as a CASA volunteer, White has wholeheartedly invested over 245 hours in advocating for the rights and well-being of 14 children, showcasing an incredible ability to connect with and support children from diverse backgrounds. One of White's many remarkable assets is his proficiency in assisting non-English speaking families with his fluency in Spanish and German. His linguistic skills have played a pivotal role in bridging communication gaps, ensuring that every child has a voice, irrespective of language barriers. One case stands out where White provided Spanish translation, becoming those children’s voices, and helping ensure they were heard until they were able to reunite with a kinship caregiver.

Tim White's extraordinary commitment to the CASA program and the well-being of abused and neglected children makes him an exceptional Pro-Star volunteer. His passion, empathy, and unwavering dedication sets a shining example for others to follow. CASA of Allen & Putnam Counties is honored to work with a ‘Pro Star Volunteer.’


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