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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

November 19

When thinking about the holidays – I remember being little and just loving the wonder of it all. Year after year, unpacking the old familiar decorations and hearing the music and thinking of all that’s to come.

This year as I was reminiscing, I thought about what stands out in the season. What stands out to me most this time of the year is the light. Thinking of all my favorite memories, traditions and decorations – light surrounds them. Twinkle lights, lampposts with wreaths, lanterns on sleighs and old-fashioned decorated windows. This goes into the cold winter months too – what is it about a candle in a window that is so cozy? Someone placed that light there on purpose.

As I was reflecting on this time of year – my thoughts turned to advocacy work and how each one of us working with children brings a light. And how the simplest way to light another wick is to turn to one already lit. My hope is that as child advocates there’s some kind of inspiration that remains within the family and that it’s reciprocal in a way. The light keeps breaking through – and darkness cannot overcome it.

Written by Melissa Cruz, Advocate Coordinator

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