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January 3

I love the fresh pages of a new year and thinking of all the good to come. I’m ever hopeful. This is the time of year when I began working my first case as a child advocate with CASA. I remember standing at the door in freezing weather more than once hoping someone would hear my knocks and that I would have time with the children I came to see.

But one of the memories that will always stand out from my first case has to do with a sealed

envelope. It wasn’t official – it wasn’t a document – it wasn’t a case file. The memory is attached to the genuine response of a young girl – looking at the seal on the card I gave her. She was full of dreams and had this determination that couldn’t be bent or damaged. As her part of the case closed, I gave a gift and a nudge.

I wrote “Go inspire the world”. But before she opened the card she just held the envelope and admired the gold seal. I purposefully chose a card that I would have given to my daughter. I chose a card that had a designer look because she loved design. I wanted this young girl to know I was rooting for her and remember the message within the card.

But it’s the way she handled the sticker on the envelope that I will not forget. What a beautiful reminder – sometimes it’s just the little things – it truly is.

Written by Melissa Cruz, Advocate Coordinator

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