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CASA blog | Champion

May 2022

Written by Melissa Cruz, Advocate Coordinator

A champion is defined as someone who fights or argues for a cause or on the behalf of someone else. Our CASA volunteers are a consistent advocate for children with cases of neglect or abuse. I like to share about the tenacity of our volunteers.

I happened to hear an advocate on the phone with a case-parent and the question asked was something like, “Speaking of mistakes, is there something in your background that I need to know about?”

The way this advocate was speaking sounded genuine, and right before that question was asked there was laughter and a rapport being built, like ok, just be real with me.

I was a reporter for a season – and I remember the courage needed to ask the hard questions. Our momentum as advocates is looking after the child.

The phrase, “Iron sharpens iron” is in full effect at CASA. The way our advocates observe, listen, and retain information is inspiring to me.

One of the hardest things for me to learn in a news story is when it’s reported that someone heard something or saw something – and did nothing.

I take comfort in knowing that as much as it’s possible for our advocates – when they are on the case – they will do something. They will do this good work.

They’ll be looking out for that family – especially for the child they are assigned to champion.

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