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Providing opportunities to repair harm

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It is not uncommon for victims to want to express their feelings to an offender face to face or to want further information from the offender about the crime. VOD is an opportunity to assist victims in meeting those needs.

Victims in Allen or Putnam counties may ask at any time for a VOD by calling Crime Victim Services. Offenders whose victims were in these two counties may participate in VOD when contacted by Crime Victim Services, by a referral from the court or defense attorney, or by making a request themselves to Crime Victim Services. Our staff will assess offender requests as to their appropriateness before making any contact with their victim(s). All VOD meetings are voluntary and, even in court referred cases, the victim may choose not to participate.

For more information

Erin Ostling Burkholder

Director of Outreach & Prevention | VOD Coordinator


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Donations of any amount are helpful in our work to support victims throughout their healing journey. 

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