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Homicide Victim Memorial Garden Rededicated in Memory of Long Time Victim Advocate, Phyllis Neff

On Friday, September 23, community members are invited to join Crime Victim Services for a rededication ceremony of the Homicide Victim Memorial Garden honoring long time victim advocate, Phyllis Neff.

Originally housed at the YWCA of Lima, the Homicide Victim Memorial Garden was dedicated at Crime Victim Services in 2014 with the ongoing leadership and support of felony victim advocate, Phyllis Neff.

Phyllis was a victim advocate from 1988 until her retirement in 2020. As the first full time advocate hired at the agency, her passion and commitment to honor victims and their families continues to impact all of us.

“Phyllis Neff, who retired from Crime Victim Services after 32 years of outstanding and pioneering victim advocacy, passed away in December 2021. Her friendship, inspiration, and Christian example to everyone who knew her is a great legacy and testament to her parents, her family, and to God’s goodness,” said David Voth, executive director of Crime Victim Services and longtime friend of Neff.

In honor and celebration of her life and work, the Court Advocacy program at Crime Victim Services is inviting those who have been impacted by Neff to join them in rededicating the Memorial Garden as the Phyllis Neff Homicide Victim Memorial Garden. The outdoor memorial service will take place on Friday, September 23 at 11:30 am at the agency’s 330 N. Elizabeth St. office. Following the dedication, participants will be invited to share memories and enjoy a time of refreshments. RSVP at or by calling 419.222.8666.


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