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CVS welcomes new staff members

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

February 14, 2022

Crime Victim Services is pleased to announce the hiring of two new staff members. These positions will help the agency to continue offering quality prevention, advocacy and outreach services in West Central Ohio. Please join us in welcoming them!


Heidi Barnett is our new CASA Administrative Advocate Coordinator. Heidi previously worked with the CASA Program from 2016-2020. Heidi will work closely with the CASA Director, Advocate Coordinators and Crime Victim Services Attorney to ensure support to both staff and volunteers. Heidi is dedicated to CASA’s goal of providing quality advocacy to every abused and neglected child in Allen County.

Elder Victim Ministry

Jackie Ernst is our new Elder Victim Advocate. Jackie is a Marriage and Family Therapist who has a passion for empowering elders. She has worked as a therapist with the Family Resource Center and as a Service Coordinator at a senior housing facility. Jackie trains her therapy dog, Abby, to volunteer with veterans. In Elder Victim Ministry, Jackie will work with elders to help them prevail over victimizations in the areas of safety, healing, justice and restitution.

Crime Victim Services is a local, independent non-profit victim services agency that believes communities thrive when all members prevail over trauma and support one another with empathy and respect.


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