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Cultivating Cultures of Prevention

September 5, 2023

SB288, known as Erin’s Law, went into effect this year. This requires age appropriate child sexual abuse prevention and teen dating violence prevention education for all of Ohio’s K-12 schools.

The purpose of Crime Victim Services’ Violence Prevention program is to provide culturally appropriate educational curriculum to youth and adults in our community with the express purpose of preventing interpersonal violence and cultivating a culture where consent and respect for one another is a central tenet. We model healthy relationships with youth, using sincerity and humor, while delivering an evidence based and practice informed anti-violence curriculum, Connections, that meets core Ohio Department of Education learning requirements and both Tina’s Law and Erin's Law.

Our Connections curriculum lessons are scaffolded from Kindergarten to 12th grade, ensuring that no matter what age group we are engaging with, all students are getting the information they need to develop healthy relationship habits. And this allows us to engage with students year after year without skipping or repeating important content.

You can find all the lesson topics and everything you need to know about how we can help meet the requirements of Erin's Law on our website. Additionally, we offer CARING Adults and bystander intervention trainings to teachers, parents and community members.

Our schedule for the 23-24 academic year is beginning to fill up, but we wanted to make you aware of the resources we provide to our community. If you have any questions, would like more information, or to schedule programming, please reach out to Erin Ostling Burkholder, director of outreach & prevention at

Thank you for all the ways you show up for our community’s children! We appreciate you!

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