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CASA of Allen and Putnam Counties working to help local children in need during Child Abuse Prevention Month this April

CASA of Allen and Putnam Counties, a program of Crime Victim Services, is continuing its mission to serve children experiencing abuse and neglect, with a particular focus on this work during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April. CASA volunteers advocate for children year-round, with 211 children served in 2023. 

April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, aims to spread awareness while highlighting the importance of families and communities working together to fight child abuse and neglect. 

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, over 3 million cases of child maltreatment are reported each year, with 558,899 cases substantiated in 2022. Locally, CASA has been operating as a program of Crime Victim Services since 2009. There are 47 CASA/GAL (Guardian ad litem) programs serving nearly 10,000 children in 60 different Ohio counties annually. 


“CASA depends on the assistance of volunteers from our community to advocate for the best interests of the children in the work we do. Without them, we are not able to serve as many children locally, and therefore not able to get the quality outcomes that are driven by having a CASA GAL on their case,” said Abby Hefflinger, Director of CASA and Crime Victim Services’ Staff Attorney.  

Volunteers initially complete at least 30 hours of training and in-court observation before being assigned a case. In addition, they complete the required ongoing training annually. 

After undergoing pre-service training, CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge to advocate for children experiencing abuse or neglect. Volunteers are community members from all walks of life.  

If you live in the area and would like to volunteer or contribute to our cause, visit or


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