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Anti-Violence Teen Summer Retreat hosted by Crime Victim Services

Lima, Ohio – May 22, 2024 – Crime Victim Services is pleased to announce their first Anti-Violence Teen Summer Retreat happening July 15th-July 19th.  

There is a growing need to create spaces where youth feel empowered to develop knowledge, skills, and strategies to address issues in their own communities. Crime Victim Services’ Teen Ambassador Program is excited to offer their first Anti-Violence Teen Summer Retreat this July to respond to this need. The retreat will be targeted to local youth in middle and high school and will address topics like relationship building, leadership skills, self-care, empowerment, and community.  

“Our youth are the backbone of our communities, and we can’t wait to dive into the retreat this summer. The youth who participate will be able to gain so many skills, meet amazing community partners, and have fun doing it! Think summer camp meets leadership retreat.” said Katlin Shuherk, prevention coordinator at Crime Victim Services.  

Details and registration information can be found at There is a registration fee, but scholarships are available upon request. 

The Teen Ambassador Program at Crime Victim Services was created in 2022 and works with area youth to instill leadership and community mobilization skills within our youngest anti-violence representatives alongside the agency’s prevention program.

The prevention program at Crime Victim Services began in 2012 and provides culturally appropriate educational curriculum to youth and adults with the express purpose of preventing interpersonal violence and cultivating a culture where consent and respect for one another is a central tenet.  



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