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1 in 10 older adults are abused every year

Lima, Ohio, June 15, 2023, Elder Victim Ministry (EVM), a program of Crime Victim Services, is asking the community to “Build Strong Support for Elders” as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Thursday, June 15. Staff will gather at 11am at the CASA Park, 234 N. Main St., Lima, to raise awareness about elder abuse. Partner agencies and community members are encouraged to wear purple and if available, join the group for a photo to be shared on CVS media pages.

One in 10 adults over the age of 60 become victims of elder abuse every year, according to national surveys. Elder abuse takes on many different forms, whether physical or psychological abuse, financial exploitation, neglect or abandonment. Sadly, almost 60% of reported elder abuse incidents are from family members or caregivers, according to the National Council on Aging.

What can you do? EVM encourages people to connect regularly with older relatives, neighbors and friends. Be more intentional with these relationships, not only to show care but also monitor wellbeing.

If you’re a family member, just checking credit reports can help identify and stop identity theft and fraud. Furthermore, report suspicious behavior or activity. If the elder is acting out of character, or has unusual injuries, a sudden change in activities (especially financial), or any unsafe living conditions – these are all red flags of possible elder abuse.

Who is at risk? Women, people who are divorced or separated, people of color and those in poor health. Also, people living with a low income are more likely to be physically or psychologically abused. Elders with a higher income are more likely to be financially exploited.

In 2022, EVM worked with 230 violent crime victims in Allen and Putnam Counties. The program provides strong social services for elder victims in advocacy, recovery, care and safety.

Trained volunteers visit homes after burglaries for safety device assessments and to assess any damages which a Good Samaritan organization could repair. Volunteers are trained to identify elder abuse red flags for reporting to Adult Protective Services. Volunteers also make weekly calls through their "Are You OK" and "Hello Neighbor" programs to check-in on vulnerable adults.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, reach out to an advocate today at 877-867-7273. Elder Victim Ministry is part of Crime Victim Services of Allen and Putnam Counties. Their services are free. Contact Elysia Bush, Elder Victim Ministry Director,, 419-222-8666 or 1-877-867-7273.


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